When people are close to death 

The sign of that moment for me is only about health. 

I was healthy, unhealthy, healthy. 

Several times I was closed to it. 

– That one in a million cases that Doctor claimed still can’t find the fact and I looked alright after that. 

– That sudden fell on the floor – many times is something 

– That x Ray found thing but then disappear and didn’t know would be back again 

When still can stand, pleasure the moment I’ve got. Never look back to the past that bad but learned from it to make the better day which we / me never know how long it will be but why sad, why act suffer. 

I always got up better because I left it behind and looked for better ways to make a better days. 

Make yourself clean. Become healthier. Smile at what even make you unhappy. There’s a reason for it to make you have that but be strong and give yourself some strength. You will pass that moment like me. 

I live today as it’s the last day of my life. Why bother make myself suffer or other to suffer, yeah? Found good one, have good family and friends and yeah my cat, that’s great enough. 

People asked, why aren’t you worried about it. Me said, because it doesn’t make anything better but worst. Now I know what to make me ok, I’ll do it. Unbelievable, this positive thinking makes it better really. I should have gone while ago but I’m still here. Surrounding with good people is good really. In the latest past, huh, no no do not mention haha 

Not only good food, good exercise but good mind and good thought actually help a lot. I am full of love from good people. My stupid bad reaction was gone and will never come back. You learned from wrong-for any situations in life. Sorry that can’t fix thing? No, it meant to be this way, one way or another. I am glad I am here today with lots of good and bad things behind and forward. 

When people are close to death what they do? They changed. They changed a lot. They do what they didn’t. And they have nothing to be sad about because to be close to death is sad enough. 



~ โดย โตเดี่ยว บน สิงหาคม 21, 2016.


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