The stories of my lies 

How many times you lie to others or even to yourself?

Can’t say I never because I did but I lied for two reaons

1/ To make people relax, less stress and pass the moment

2/ To know the truth

The first one, it’s mostly about work so it’s quite not like a lie but sometimes is lie such as “yes will be done on time”‘- just to calm client or team and then had to rush out work or team to make it happen even a little late than when the deadline was so this lie, mostly never give the bad result.

But for the second, I think I’ve done only one bad time. I lied to know the truth. I lied to get the truth from someone who lied to me first. And I get it. And that person hated it because I lied but that one never thought about the first lie that one made. I knew the truth, ugly truth, and I lose the friendship. I was sorry for my lie but the second thought, I felt relieve. I knew the fact that would never come out if I didn’t lie. The experience is expensive but worth to know how someone thinks of you and did wrong thing to you since the beginning. That one might think I’m crazy to lie but how can we control the feeling of people who did lie and cheated first. They all never thought about what they did, they all blame on others first to protect themselves from the guilty feeling. I’m still sorry for what I did but I’m truly happy that I had passed it and looked back as there’s nothing good to think about.

Would I do it if I knew it would be this way, think yes because it’s me. But if I could choose, I would choose to change th day I met that person .. from open th gate to let that one into my life to shut the door to that one.

Something today made me think about it. I truly turned back from that lie, that truth but some people still asked me about it. The people I knew, the people who know that one and by the new person.

Everything happened for a reason. Every lies happen for a reason, every truth happen for a reason but someone just happened for a season. I hate liar. I love the truth. Something good happened after I lied and found the truth. I met another true person who gets real me. I don’t lie to this one because this one is true to me, and I’m happy that I’m lucky now to get out of that loop since it happened.

People, when other lie to you please ask yourself what have you done to deserve it. There will be a reason. Even you told other people that you were lied, even you told them how bad the lie was, how bad she/me was but you know in your heart why you got it.

First and last to talk about it. Hope your people won’t bother me about your story again. I’m really done with it and feeling I got invaded. The world is big but sometimes is too small, so keep each other some privacy since we left the memory behind a while ago, and I will also leave it behind forever.


~ โดย โตเดี่ยว บน กรกฎาคม 10, 2016.


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