All I want to do is ..

Sigh, people always misunderstood. When the thing is “only just be friend”, they think farer and want to be more. When you do not want to be more they get angry and say goodbye.

Being friends isn’t so different from lovers, it’s only different that we do not have sex with friends but other things are similar to what we do to lovers. We do care, we love, we want to talk, we want to share, we want to listen, we want to hear, we want to update things, we want to laugh together, we want to smile at each other, we want to help and more but girls, sometimes when you do all those to friends they can misunderstand like they misunderstand me. They thought you like them. Sometimes there’s a thin line between love and friendship. The one who knows the world will understand this clearly but the one who only know about themselves, will take things on their side. If they like you, they will want you to like them. If you do not, and tell them that what you do is only for friendship, they will be upset and bye. But if they do not like you, they will push you away because they thought you want a relationship not friendship. So both ways suck. But i recommend you to keep doing what you feel and be who you are. Do not change to please anyone. If they want to be mad at you, let them. If they want to misunderstand, let them. If you feel good about them, if you do give a great friendship for them but they do not care, let them and let them. One day they will understand and come back. If you still want them in your life as a friend, stay where you are and give them a hug.

Know what you are doing and do it best is the thing that you should do for friendship. If they turn it to something else, let them. I sometimes get tired of this sort of thing. When I say be friends, i do mean that but people always misunderstand. Some thought i want more. Sucks. All I want to do is just to be friends with you, ok?

Anyway, let them think whatever they want. You know you don’t feel or you are not that is enough.

~ โดย โตเดี่ยว บน กรกฎาคม 20, 2013.


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