13 January 2013

13 January 2012

I do have a problem with my story then an old friend who had been disappeared from my life for 9 months came back to my life and we continued be friends since then …

13 January 2013 

Things changed. I had a problem with my story again with a last-year-came-back friend. It should be one year anniversary for a friendship but it turned out bad. It’s ended since the day I made myself to be treated like a junk. No one wanted to treat me bad, I hope, and I hope it was me who made them hurt me. It’s alright anyway. I wanted to feel pain to say goodbye, and I felt pain and I said goodbye. “The friend” wanted to push me away so “the friend” got that wish. Then I met a new friend, and my new story gave me a new look on life. Anyway, what I wanted to say is … while I’m trying to get back and be ok with the new story then on  13 January 2013, another ‘old friend’ who has been disappeared from me for 6 years came back! Life is a joke? But … i wanted to celebrate for this long distance call. 6 years, can you imagine, it’s 6 years! I never thought we could have a chance to talk especially talking about the memory we had haha … connection, friendship, good feeling, and I’m happy to see the-6-years-old-disappear friend happy. For some – they might think ‘so what’ but this ‘so what’ story for me is big!

I know a lot of people but only some people will be always in my mind. Mostly the people who are really in my mind don’t know that they are in here but people who I already bye physically and mentally, some thought they are still in my mind:) Whatever, it’s good anyway if they are happy for having that “thought” .. I should be happy for them too:)

So .. the 13 you crazy-day!:) What’s gonna happen to me on 13 January 2014?


~ โดย โตเดี่ยว บน มกราคม 15, 2013.


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