8 days in Langtang moutain, Nepal

“wanna share something but cannot type Thai font here … too bad”

Just back from trekking Langtang Moutain in Nepal.

8 days! Many seasons during the trek from hottest to coldest. On the top of Langtang was snowing!!! Ahh, really wanna share pictures here so much! 🙂

Not only about the weather that has been changed to many seasons but the season of the mind too 🙂 .. Some people said Trekking will give you a lesson to learn your companion more and more and sometime much more to prove that if that one could be your companion for life?

For me .. ok 8 days are not enough but at least i have learned something…

* when you fell down, who held your hands?

* when you got a wound, who gave you a medicine?

* when you’re cold, who gave you a hug?

* when you had a bad day, who was by yourside to listen to?

And many many more …

Trekking gave me more than adventure moment but also gave me smile, laugh, cry, happiness and … wow!

Tired, yes. But i’m happy to be tired again coz it will let me know more about how to live life and how to love!

p.s.1 Nepaleses are really nice and beautiful. Once i was on the top of the hill, in the village i was thinking about .. to live there! What a me! But really want you to see, that’s really really nice indeed!

p.s.2 Will share pictures soon! 🙂 Next time, i’ll try to find the way to write in thai coz it’s more fun than this a lot!!! Sorry sorry for this time 🙂


~ โดย โตเดี่ยว บน ตุลาคม 19, 2007.

6 Responses to “8 days in Langtang moutain, Nepal”

  1. […] à¹à¸à¹à¸à¸µà¹&… is pretty much on-point with their post today on “8 days in Langtang moutain, Nepal”. […]

  2. จะมาเป็นภาษาอารายไม่ว่ากาน…แต่ขอให้มาเหอะน่า
    แค่นี้ก็ดีจายแว้ว (^ ^)
    คราวหน้าจะมีรูปมาอวดกันด้วยเหรอ เย้ๆๆๆ ดีจาย ดีจาย

  3. Morantic เอ้ย Romantic จัง ขอรออ่านภาคภาษาไทยต่อนะ
    ต้องออกมาแนวละครไทย แบบพระเอกนางเอกหลงป่าด้วยกัน
    ร่วมทุกข์ ร่วมสุข และมีแอบซึ้ง (มีตบจูบด้วยป่าวอ่ะ)
    กลับมาเขียนเป็นบทละครได้เยย 555

  4. haha, thanks both. Still can’t type in Thai sorry 😀
    but today have some pix to share, lets’ see! 🙂

  5. หวานไปละ กูจะอ้วกกกกก … 555

  6. to laila .. e ha


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